19th of April Student Movement

This entire collection we've named after the 19th of April Student Movement, which began as a series of peaceful protests held by students at the University of Managua in Nicaragua after President Ortega announced he would be increasing taxes and reducing social benefits. These protests led to the government sanctioned murders of students, leaving over 60 students dead. 
Violent protests erupted all over the country, and one of the hotbeds of the most violence was in the town of Masaya, Nicaragua. Paramilitaries and police went door to door kidnapping and murdering innocent Nicaraguan citizens.
This is also where our artisans live and work. 
Our artisans kept in contact with us every single day throughout the protests and government sponsored violence and murders. As I'm typing this, these things are STILL happening and we speak to our artisans, directly, DAILY. Although their town was gripped with violence, our artisans continued working as safety permitted even though the movement and subsequent revolution had come to their doorsteps. This was their choice to keep working because they needed something to keep them busy and keep positive during these trying and dire times. Each and every collar was made under beyond stressful conditions that most of us cannot imagine.
We have named our collection after the movement, as the 19th of April will forever be remembered in Nicaragua's history, and these collars were made during this time. 
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