The Sofia - Multicolor Blanket

The Sofia - Multicolor Blanket

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  • 2" wide tapers to 1" 
  • Handmade in Nicaragua
  • Tan Suede leather sourced and tanned in Nicaragua
  • Recycled hardware made in Nicaragua 
  • Hand hammered rivets made in Nicaragua
  • Textiles purchased in Guatemala on a fair-trade basis. 
  • Each collar slightly varies as it's a handmade item from start to finish, and the inlay pattern changes from the area in which it was cut. 


Medium: Holes placed at 14.75, 15.75, 16.75, 17.75. 

Large: Holes placed at 17.75, 18.75, 19.75, 20.75. 

Due to thickness of collar, we recommend sizing up. If your dog's neck size is exactly at 17.75, we would suggest a large, not a medium.