The Oscuro Collection


After the 19th of April Student Movement, Nicaragua, and its citizens, have been left in the dark. Citizens have been muted by corrupt police, paramilitaries and pro-government forces. The protesting and violence has "calmed," along with the voices of Nicaraguan citizens. Quietly, and often in the night, citizens are being captured from their homes by the Ortega regime's police, and taken for "questioning"  while being accused of crimes against the government. Citizens are forced to into silence. Some never return to their homes. These are dark days in Nicaragua. This is why we named this collection Oscuro. 

Due to the inability to freely travel throughout the country, lack of tourism and over-all economic impact of the hostile environment Nicaraguan citizens have been facing, many businesses have shut their doors. This means tanneries have not been producing as much leather, as leather working artisans that once catered to a booming tourist-based economy no longer have tourists to sell their products to. Due to this, supplies are limited. We source what we can, when we can.

This entire collection, aside from 5 red leather passport covers, is constructed with black leather as this is all we could purchase during these hard times. 

Our objective is to take every dollar of profit from this collection, turn around, and give it right back to our artisans to keep them working and earning an income. 

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