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We at Nicavana, LLC dba The Nicavana Project (known as “Nicavana” herein), recommend that any users of our website please read this privacy policy page in full before browsing or purchasing from our website.


By using this website, you are accepting the terms and practices described in the subtext privacy policy. Please be aware that Nicavana reserves the right to revoke, modify or amend the terms of our privacy policy at any given time. If and when Nicavana makes any material changes to the privacy policy, it will be posted on our webpage that changes have been made. You will not be contacted directly by mail, phone or e-mail or any other personal contact avenue that has previously been provided to Nicavana by you.


We at Nicavana respect the privacy of our customers and aim to provide the best customer service possible. Any and all information that is collected from this website is voluntarily entered into this website via our “contact us” page or by making a purchase directly on this website.


Nicavana will NEVER sell, transfer, exchange or voluntarily give any of your personal information to any third parties, whether to an individual, partnership or a business. Nicavana will only share your information with a governmental agency, whether federal, state or local law enforcement under the following circumstances: (a) in the aid of an ongoing criminal investigation; (b) required or permitted by law; or (c) prevention or protection against fraud.


When an order is placed, you agree that you are voluntarily entering your information and Nicavana will collect your full name, billing and shipping address, contact phone number and e-mail address. Nicavana will not store any credit card information. You agree that by providing your e-mail information, that we may contact you via e-mail with respect to marketing, promotions, website updates, new product information, company news or shipping/delivery notifications.