About Our Collars

At The Nicavana Project, we believe in craftsmanship first and foremost. We work with dedicated artisans we have relationships with. Our collars are collaborations between their individual styles and our vision. Not one of our artisans makes a collar that doesn’t reflect his or her craftsmanship and character. From start to finish, our collars are made by hand. No two collars will look exactly alike – Even if they’re the same style and same color. Each piece will slightly vary as our artisans do not use any modern machinery and our collars are made without the use of electricity. They will vary by stitch-work, hand loomed fabric colors or pattern, or even the way the leather is cut by hand with a stoned sharped knife. This makes your collar one of a kind.

We also believe in re-purposing and creating as little waste as possible. Since all of our collars are produced on a small-batch basis, our artisans are given notice to purchase only the material needed to make the exact amount of collars we order. We also encourage our artisans to use repurposed hardware that is made locally as leftover pieces from the equestrian industry. This isn’t always the case, but we do encourage this practice. This is solely based on availability and this is what we prefer.

All of our leather is a product of the country of origin and are byproducts of the local beef industry. We want to support local industry in our countries of origin, and that includes our artisans shopping at local tanneries that buy locally sourced hides.

Our textiles are purchased in various countries, predominately in Guatemala on a fair-trade basis and always from the women that weave them, or the representative of their community. 

With your purchase, you’re supporting local industries in the country of origin. Your collar (or leash!) is handcrafted by an artisan in need of stable work they are proud of. Your purchase provides opportunity for entire communities, from our artisans, to metalsmiths that make our rivets and hardware, to local tanneries, and we thank you for your support.